Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse


50g Mortimer Chocolate Cacao Powder

25g Mortimer Chocolate Chocolate Powder

25g Mortimer Chocolate White Couverture Powder

3 tbsp icing sugar

250ml coconut cream


  1. In a mixing bowl, use an electric whisk to whisk the coconut cream until it forms stiff peaks, this process takes a few minutes
  2. Add the cacao powder, the chocolate powder, the white couverture powder and the icing sugar and whisk evenly together
  3. Add the mousse into ramakins (we piped ours) and enjoy

Note: This recipe takes under 15 minutes to prepare and does not need to use of an oven or fridge and does not require any of the chocolate to be melted. It is also vegan and allergen free!